Client Testimonials

Below are some of our client testimonials and comments as provided by a constant stream of very satisfied customers throughout Ireland.

Since its introduction “SIME” has revolutionised the way we do business.  It has brought huge cost savings and given us much more control of the business helping us expand faster than ever

John O’Neill (O’Neill’s Bakery)

We have been using SDMC’s mobile invoicing solution (SIME)  in our business for the past year and it has greatly improved how we operate. It saves us time and money and our customers pay us faster. The support and backup from SDMC is excellent with very fast responses to any issues or queries no matter what time or day of the week. 

Thomas made the transition from books to handhelds simple, after 2 days everyone was comfortable with using the system.  If we forget to charge the handheld and have to use a book now our day is slower and harder.  Not having to calculate the total delivered speeds things up for the driver to get his run completed faster.  You always feel after you’ve left a shop the transaction is fully complete”

Pascal Gillard (Jinny’s Bakery)

“SDMC developed a solution to automate our billing which is saving us many hours each month allowing us to focus more on sales and service. Thomas was great to work with, very professional and completely understood our requirements and delivered the finished product on time and within budget.  Service and support is excellent too”

David O’Rourke (O’Rourke Oils)